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A (now) Retired vice-president of data, technology and member engagement    from 9-5, an artist at heart always, my circuitous route to this stage of my creative being began way back in high school, when I shot in black & white and developed the images in my home darkroom.  As often happens, the “busy-ness” and business of life took me away from photography, but my creative eye and artist’s heart remained. My photographic spirit re-emerged with the birth of my son in 1994 and I has been clicking away since.
My strength is revealing  the inconspicuous within the everyday.   I purposefully look  for the overlooked, so that my lens may uncover hidden geometric and repeating patterns. I look  for color, shadows and contrasting textural elements in the world around us. 
A long time Nikon "shooter",  I  recently (2021) sold all my Nikon equipment and  purchased a single, fixed lens  camera. I am  now shooting solely  with a  Leica Q2 with a single focal  length of 28mm. This has really forced me to slow down and be more purposeful. To think. To compose. I am really enjoying "re-learning" and discovering photography all over again.
I received my Bachelor of Business Administration    degree from James Madison University and my Master of Science degree in Information Systems from Hood College. While a  long-time resident of Frederick County Maryland,  I am originally from (South) Jersey.
I hope you enjoy my small  photography  space. Thank you for visiting.
image of me

(credit: Dan Scenna)